Music City Roots!

I just played a fantastic show at Music City Roots at the Factory in Franklin. It was my first time playing this highly revered show and I have to say that it was one of my fav-o-rite shows to date. Their were a lot of factors at play as to why I feel this way, but mainly it has to do with the people involved. It was the MCR crew with all of their professionalism and warmth, it was the fellow musicians that were talented as all get out, it was my band who played it like they meant (not that they usually don't -THEY DO!) and of course, the audience! It was a really fun night and after all of the craziness of 2016, I really needed it. You can take a look for yourself, below!👇🏻


Also, Craig Havighurst, wrote about that night in the Music City Roots blog. I was honored when he this to say about our set:

"Discovery of the night (month, etc.) goes to Larissia Murphy. The singer/songwriter has been in town ten years, though she told me that she’s rambled through a lot of styles and approaches in her musical life. Whatever the case, it’s country music now, with a centered self-assurance that for me evoked a blend of Kelly Willis and Chrissie Hynde (Okay, the black leather jacket and haircut helped on the latter, but so does something about the way she owns her cool without acting all cool). Opener “Speak Your Mind” had a comfortable boot scooty twang. “Any Way” had a proud stompy beat and a yodel, while “Don’t You Know” was the moodiest tune and the most rounded vocal. But if you’re a radio station (ahem) you’d want to add the set’s final song “Cold Shoulder” because it’s an infectious, rocking update of Loretta’s “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’” that might make some of those infernal Nashville drivers speed the hell up."

You can read the blog in it's entirety here 👉🏼